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  • Transcription Services

    Story of transcription

    Transcription refers to the process of transcribing an audio material into a written script. Transcription has always existed, since the Antiquity. At that time, scriveners were the nowadays transcripters. Before the 1970s, secretaries might have struggled with transcription and used several means such as shorthand (also called stenography, brachygraphy or tachygraphy) to deal with a transcription.

    In our technological world, dictaphones and smart phones replaced typing machines and paper becoming a burden that people would rather leave behind. Courts, doctors and businesses often use transcription in order to have a written evidence of their data.

    Certified and Qualified Transcribers

    If you need high quality transcription services in Essex or anywhere else in the UK or across Europe in order to keep a written recording of your meetings or sessions, you are on the right page on the right website. Essex Translations is an Interpreting and Translation Company which also provides transcription services in Essex and worldwide.

    Our services include the following areas:

    • General transcription services
    • Interview transcription
    • Business transcription
    • Medical transcription
    • Legal transcription

    Our transcribers are selected based on their qualifications and their experience in the different fields of their expertise. They are specialised in one or more areas and are able to deal with your recordings with utmost professionalism and effectiveness.

    Easy job? Not really!

    When you read the definition of “transcription”, it seems easy enough to do it yourself. However, it requires accuracy, professionalism, attention, and excellent writing skills. Indeed, no speech is clear and noiseless. A transcriber has to stay focused on the main speaker and not on the side speakers who might talk with each other. Moreover, everybody also has a different way of speaking. Some of them have a foreign or native – accent, some of them might be sick, some others even might mispronounce or stumble over words.

    A professional transcriber should be able to deal each of these difficulties and transcribe with utmost accuracy and impartiality the materials he/she is in charge of. He/she should also know how to type with utmost rapidity. Indeed, speakers will not stop in the middle of their speech to wait for the transcriber to write down every word they say.

    For all of these reasons, Essex Translations is committed to offer the most reliable and experienced transcribers of whom we are 100% sure that they will provide the most accurate and high quality transcription of your recordings or meetings.