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  • Public Sector Interpreting Services

    Public Sector: big name for a bright definition

    As a leading Interpreting and Translation Company in the county of Essex, Essex Translations is mostly involved in the Public Sector, as it is also the brightest sector possible. Public Sector is constituted all kind of fields related to governmental organisations and services. It includes for instance hospitals, surgeries, courts, police forces, councils, schools or prisons.

    Professional Public Sector Interpreting Services available for any situation

     We provide our interpreting services in the following Public Sector areas:

    • Medical care (e.g. doctor appointments, home visits, surgeries, registration);
    • Social services and Councils (e.g. mother and child protection conferences);
    • Police and Court affairs (e.g. police interviews, court hearings, prison meetings).
    • Personal Injury Claim Interviews as well as Prison visits.

    As a professional company we offer Public Sector Interpreting fully adjusted to our clients‘ needs. While looking for an interpreter you may choose from the variety of different options, which among others include: face-to-face interpreting also called consecutive interpreting (e.g. doctor’s appointment), telephone interpreting, video link interpreting and conference interpreting. Just make sure, which option is the most suitable for you.

    Essex Translations is the Interpreting and Translation Company you are looking for

    More than any other Companies, Essex Translations is committed to provide the best services, especially the Public Sector Interpreting. Our interpreters are professional and reliable, as well as used to work with the Public Sector. Most of them are native speakers to deal with the cultural matters with utmost professionalism and most of them have the DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting) which assures you the quality of their services as well as the discretion regarding the confidentiality of your appointment as well as your personal information.

    Do not hesitate to call us on 0124 520 6578 or to click on Get a free quote if you have any further questions or if you need a quote to book an interpreter.