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    Experienced but not old fashioned

    The managing team of Essex Translations  is proud of its 15 years of invaluable experience in the field of interpreting and translation as the founder and managing director of the Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group to which Essex Translations belongs, Emal Haidari, is a conference interpreter himself, working since his young age for the United Nations which still today are one of our most faithful clients.

    The proof of the high standard quality of our services

    Because it is impossible to tell by a website if an Interpreting and Translation Company is reliable and professional, you, customers, need to look for more than a beautiful design or pretty words. THE word you should look for when you are surfing on a website is “credentials”. This little word is the key to a trustworthy, professional Company with high quality standards and a high sense of responsibility. As an Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group of companies, Essex Translations is accredited with all the ATC (Association of Translations Companies) requirements and the ISO 9001:2008.

    Let us take care of your translation while you look after your other affairs!

    Having credentials is one thing, but we all prefer when one’s secret is kept a secret. Therefore, Essex Translations is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 which ensures you that your documents and personal data will be treated with utmost confidentiality and discretion.

     Working in 265 languages, it is possible

    Our today world is composed of approximately 7,000 languages and dialects. Many of the 7 billion human beings on Earth speak more than one language, as many out of these 7,000 languages are not spoken by a lot of speakers. When it comes to Interpreting and Translation Companies, it is hard to have the chance to provide interpreters in the most needed languages. We, at Essex Translations  are committed to cover as many languages as possible.

     An interpreter and Translator for Every Language

    Throughout years of cooperation with professional interpreters and translators around the world, we have the ability to provide all of our services in 265 languages and even more. Yet, we work not only with the most common languages such as Arabic, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, or Spanish but also with less popular and known languages such as Bahdini, Igbo, Twi  and many more. We can, in addition to all of these 265 languages, provide services for BSL (British Sign Language), because we acknowledge the difficulty for those who cannot hear our world to adapt to the society, even though they are also Britons.

    If Essex Translations could be defined as numbers, it would be:

    12,500 – interpreters and translators around the world

    265 – languages we provide our services from and into

    197 + – countries we provide our services for

    15 – years of invaluable experience our managing team earned

    3 – memberships

    2 – major credentials

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