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  • Legal Interpreting Service

    You have the right to ask for an interpreter!

    In our globalised world, life can lead you anywhere, even in places you did not expect to be. Sometimes, your path leads you into a foreign country. Sometimes you do not know the language spoken in this country, sometimes you do. When you have issues and you need help for special authorities, it might be hard to express the situation, your feelings in another language that is not your mother tongue. As every human being on Earth, you have the right to understand and to be understood so that the appropriate authorities can deal with your case properly, especially when it comes to legal matters. No worries, you are not alone, Essex Translations is here to help you providing professional legal interpreting service.

    Court Interpreters in Essex

    Legal interpreting requires knowledge in the field. You can be fluent in a language but not knowing the specific vocabulary related to legal areas such as legal matters or court documents. Therefore, in addition to providing native speaker interpreters, Essex Translations also ensures that its interpreters that we use are able to work in the legal sector and know everything about it.

    Discreet but certified

    In the legal sector, professionalism and confidentiality is important, breaching the professional secrecy can have a great impact of the client’s future. At Essex Translations, we acknowledge that clients can be suspicious to have another party with them while dealing with their personal information. You can rest assured that by choosing our Company, you also choose the confidentiality.

    Indeed, as a professional and trustworthy Company, we are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 which ensures our clients that anything that can happen or be said during a session will stay between its walls.

    Do not hesitate to call us on 0124 520 6578 or to click on Get a free quote if you have any further questions or if you need a quote to book an interpreter.