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    Two main Services, Four Sectors

    Essex Translations offers both interpreting and translation related services in numberless fields, so we are able to offer both medical, legal, business and technical translation services. main services are divided into sectors which the main ones are Interpreting and Translation. Obviously, we can also offer transcription services and cultural and language consultancy services,but these services are less frequently used than the two others. For both of translation and interpreting services, there are four different sectors which we provide professional and qualified interpreters and translators for (including also technical translation services):

    Specialised professionals just for you

    For all of these sectors, Essex Translations provides specialised and professional interpreters in over 365 languages, which means that each of our interpreters knows the specific field related vocabulary they work in and the situation they will have to interpret for. Moreover, we ensure that they are trained on a regular basis in order to be up to date with languages related matters and to work with the utmost professionalism ever.

    Our translators are graduated in translation studies in their languages pairs, they are native speakers in at least one of the languages of their pairs, which is why we can ensure our clients we can provide them with the most qualified interpreting and translation services.

    Our Credentials

    As a leading Company in the field of interpreting and translation, Essex Translations has all the credentials required to prove its reliability and professionalism towards its faithful clients for whose satisfaction we work hard every day.

    First of all, as a member of the Absolute Interpreting and Translation, Essex Translations enjoys the benefits of the  ATC and the European Union of the Associations of Translation Companies as well as the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO17100:2015 certifications standards which are well-known for the high quality of work and the trustworthiness they acknowledge.

    Please do not hesitate to click on the different types of sectors Essex Translations offers to learn more about the fields we cover.

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    Note: All statements and facts stated on this website fully refer to that of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd which is the ultimate parent company.