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    Translation, Interpreting, what is the difference?

    We often confuse interpreting and translating, thinking that interpreting and translating are the same task. However, even though an interpreter and a translator both work with more than one language, there is only one characteristic that makes all the difference. Interpreting is converting orally one’s words into another language. Translating is converting in written form from a language into another one.

    How Important is Translation in Our Life?

    According to British law, every document requesting by a British institution must be provided either in English or in Welsh. If the document requested is not in one of the official language, the original must be provided with a certified translation with stamps that prove that the copy has been edited by a professional translator and that the translation is accurate. Essex Translations ensures to provide accredited and certified translations that meet these standards. Besides, our translation service also provides translations from English into over 265 languages.

    In our globalised world it is important to think about the international market. Foreign customers can make the difference. Besides, partnerships with foreign companies can also be an advantage in your expansion. However, they need to understand what you have to offer. Therefore, Essex Translations is committed to provide certified high quality translations in many areas such as: medical care, legal sector, business, commercial, construction or public sector.

    Different types of translations: meeting your needs

    Essex Translations and its translating services provide professional and reliable translations in Essex in over 265 languages.  Our translation services include each of the below categories, (it is not a exhaustive list):

    • Websites Translation
    • Emails/Letters Translation
    • Software Translation
    • Personal/Official Documents Translation

    Accredited Translation = Client’s Satisfaction

    You need a translation because it matters to you, it is important for your present and your future. If the translation is not a certified, true and accurate translation, your application can be rejected by institutions. At Essex Translations we acknowledge the importance of your documents and their translation, therefore we are committed to provide the best professional and qualified services, working only with professional and certified translators who will deal with your documents with utmost quality. Moreover, we ensure that your documents and personal data will be dealt with discretion and confidentiality as our Company is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Our main concern is your satisfaction and we work hard to stay on top of our professionalism so you will always be happy with our services.

    In a hurry? Do not worry!

    Sometimes unexpected events occur and you are not prepared for it. You need an urgent translation of your documents and you do no know where to look for and how to find the Translation Company which will not empty your wallet. Essex Translations is aware of the difficulty to combine quality and affordability; therefore we do our best to provide affordable translations without harming the quality.

    Make the best choice for you and click on our “Get a free quote” button to send us your scanned documents and let us take care of the rest.