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  • Proofreading Services

    Professional proofreaders

    Essex Translations is committed to provide the best Proofreading Services to satisfy its faithful clients. When you ask for a translation of your documents, you expect it to be true and accurate. In order to avoid any mistakes in your translations, we always carry out a proofreading service after the translation has been done.

    Our Proofreading Services provide qualified and professional proofreaders who are used to work along with the translators so that your document(s) will be dealt with at very short notice but with utmost quality and professionalism.

    Error free Certified Translations

    Any mistake on an official document can lead to a rejection of any application you can make. It is the exact same thing for translation. It is hard for a translator to proofread him/herself as he/she has spent time translating and errors can escape his/her attention.

    To err is human, therefore we, at Essex Translations, make sure that the translation of your documents remains errorless so that you do not have to worry about seeing your application rejected because the translation does not match the original document. It is also our duty not to let a proofreading influence the time you will have to wait for your documents to be translated. Therefore, even with a last-minute urgent translation, our Company can provide a proofreader to ensure an utmost quality.

    Proofreading? Whatizit?

    Proofreading is an essential part of any kind of written work, whether it is during the exam in high school or college or re-reading an important letter or e-mail. Proofreading is always about correct grammar, spelling and typography.

    Translation is not an exception. If the translator wants to have his or her translation to be corrected before certifying it, it will always be checked by the proofreader. His/her job is making sure about the quality, accuracy of the translation (regarding vocabulary, spelling and grammar), the images and the typesetting. After the proofreader’s thorough expertise, the translation process of your documents will finally be done and certified by our Proofreading Service.