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    Who are they? Who are you?

    An Interpreting and Translation Company, as many Companies, cannot work by itself. It needs faithful clients. Fortunately, we, at Essex Translations (ET), are proud to have numberless of clients we are glad to help on daily basis, and for whom we do our best everyday to satisfy them. Among our clients, in addition to private clients, we can count numberless of medical care organisations working for the NHS (surgeries, hospitals, dentists’, etc.) seeking medical related services, governmental (social workers, legal courts, etc.) and also international institutions (United Nations).

     If you are not one of our clients yet, it is time to make your choice. Our Company is a leading company operating not only in the county of Essex, but also across the United Kingdom and around the world.

    One aim: your satisfaction!

    Our main concern is to make sure that the client is satisfied with our services and we work hard to always be on the top of our abilities to provide services with utmost reliability, quality and professionalism. We also make sure to work with a sense of responsibility and discretion. Since we acknowledge that the confidentiality of our clients’ documents is important to them.

    As a Company that truly and genuinely value all of its clients, we are constantly doing our best in order to improve our already high quality services, and create even more customer-friendly environment. This is why we appreciate all the feedback information from our clients. That allow us to find any irregularities in the services we offer, as well as to better understand the needs and expectations of our clients.

    Reviews on our Translation Services by Some of our Clients

    Some of our customers wrote the following comments referring to our translation services, that we have been collecting over the years since we started the Absolute Interpreting & Translations Group as well as Essex Translation:

    Honestly, I was so confused where to have my docs translated and so contacted the first 3 companies that were listed on Google. Out of the 3, Absolute was the fastest to reply and offered the best quote! I dealt with them over the phone and by e-mail and I have received very good service.

    Thanks to Absolute!

    PamFab, 13/08/2012

    Nice, quick and professional service, at good price. I have used this translation agency twice already and will definitely look for it next time when I need document translation.

    Sergiu B., 11/07/2013

    I contacted by email this outstanding company. After having sent my certificate for translation I had it ready in a day. They own sent to GMC too. This fantastic service was completed by a really cheap fare. I absolutely recommend this outstanding company for your secure and high quality translation.

    Carlo A., 15/07/2014