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  • Legal Translation Services

    Law is everywhere

    Legal Translation Services is one of the largest sectors in our everyday lives, and most probably you will agree that the law is everywhere: on streets, at schools, at work and even at home having your own ‘internal rules’. In order to avoid problems with the police, problems at a hospital or especially while being on vacation in other country, you should better observe the law. In case you get in touch, for example, with the police elsewhere outside your native country and you get the penalty for exceeding the speed limit, but you want to know what is written there and you need the translation of the speeding ticket, Essex Translations is ready to help you with the legal translation.

    Expert in law and translator 2 in 1? Yes, that’s right!

    How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer is four: one to climb the ladder, one to hold the ladder, one to shake the ladder and one to sue the ladder company. Here at Essex Translations we have one translator doing the job of two – a translator and a lawyer. If you are looking for a translator who has the experience not only in conveying the text from one language into another, but also who has had the practice in law, then you have found the right one. Whether this is a conclusion of the Court of Justice, police order or any certificate connected with the field of law – Essex Translations will do the legal translation for you within the blink of an eye.

    Law and order at Essex Translations

    Essex Translations being under the supervision of Absolute Interpreting & Translations Group has been accredited with the ATC and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are also a full member of the Association of Translations Company and of the European Union Associations of Translations Company. We can assure you that the translations of your documents will be carried out accurately, they will be of a high quality and all of them certified.