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  • Medical Appointment Interpreting

    What’s up doc?

    Medical Appointment Interpreting is often used by those who do not share a common language when meeting with doctors. For a surgery, a simple doctor/dentist’s appointment or for a maternity, medical care covers a lot of specialists. It might occur that you get an injured or sick patient or that you go abroad during your holiday or that you just arrived in a new country without speaking the language fluently. As a leading Interpreting and Translation Company, it is our duty to help you. It is unimaginable for us to accept to see people struggling with daily tasks because of the language they speak and the one they do not. You are in good hands now. Essex Translations will take care of your case by providing medical appointment interpreting.

    Professional Medical Appointment Interpreting in Essex

    Medical care is a sensible matter that needs to be treated with utmost professionalism and sense of responsibility. Therefore Essex Translations only selects qualified and professional medical interpreters for any medical appointment interpreting in Essex and across the UK who are used to work in the medical field so that they are aware of the specific vocabulary in every language they use to interpret. Our interpreters are also native speakers in the languages they interpret for so that there will be no issues regarding the cultural matters that might exist, as not every country has the same culture.

    Discreet Interpreters

    A medical appointment interpreting involves personal data and sometimes even access to intimacy. It is understandable that accepting complete strangers to enter in your intimacy is more or less acceptable. One can fear for the divulgation of this personal information. By choosing Essex Translations’ services, you cannot be wrong. We recognise how important your privacy is to you. We can ensure utmost confidentiality from all of our staff members and interpreters. Indeed, our Company is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Moreover all employees of our Translation Agency in Essex  have signed Confidentiality Agreement, which forbids them to disclose any personal information of our clients.