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  • Telephone Interpreting Services

    A professional Interpreter far from you

    Due to emergencies, the distance of the venue or the availability of the interpreter, there is a possibility that we might not be able to provide the services of an interpreter in face-to-face interpreting. However, at Essex Translations we always have a way to provide you with an interpreter to deal with your client/patient. It is our duty to find another solution to this issue to satisfy our clients’ requests and meet their needs. Therefore, in addition to face-to-face, we also provide telephone interpreting service.

    Professional Interpreters close to you

    During a telephone interpreting, the interpreter calls the contact person or vice versa. The interpreting will be similar to consecutive interpreting but without the actual presence of everyone in the same office.  Essex Translations can also be the intermediary between the interpreter and his/her clients, by, for instance, using communication software.

    Trust our service, we are professionals!

    Telephone interpreting is not easy. First of all, the interpreter is not in person with the two other parties who do not share a common language. Interpreting without seeing the person speaking is more challenging. Since it is easier to understand by seeing is body language as well. Moreover, line can be bad during the call, making the understanding difficult. It can be a barrier for the interpreter to understand both parties, but also for the parties that might struggle to understand the message rendered by the professional. Misunderstanding can happen and being careful is crucial. Therefore, we are committed to provide you with our best interpreters who can deal with any situation in any circumstances. You can rest assured that your telephone interpreting will go well.