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  • Consecutive Interpreting Services

    Word by word, sentence by sentence

    As confusing as is the comparison of ‘translating’ and ‘interpreting’, also the difference between the two main types of interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive) should be spotted. In this page we are going to have a closer look at the consecutive interpreting services.
    An interpreter is a mediator for people who has to deal with the language barrier. By using a consecutive interpreting services, we would like him or her to convert the message from our speech as closely as possible and with the same level of expression. However, the speaker should always remember that most probably it would not be possible to do that if the speech is long and fast. For this reason, although the interpreter can use notes, the speaker should divide the speech in segments (e.g. sentences or clauses), so that the interpreter is able to deal with that amount of information.

    This is also the main idea of the consecutive interpreting: conveying the message divided into segments from one language into another, when necessary using the notes. Consecutive interpreting is most widely used for medical interpreting, court hearings and police interviews to communicate between end users and professionals; it is also used for highly technical meetings, , small groups, field trips etc.

    Consecutive Interpreters for any situation

    Essex Translations provides accurate and reliable consecutive interpreting services by offering the best consecutive interpreters for any kind of situation; they are qualified, attentive and fully aware of the confidentiality they need to observe. From doctor’s appointment to a court session – being specialists in the particular field and trained on regular basis to stay at the top of their abilities, our interpreters will not let you down, and you will come back to Essex Translations again.

    Our consecutive interpreting services are provided for such situations as:

    •  Medical appointment interpreting;
    • Legal appointment interpreting;
    • Business meeting interpreting;
    • Social meeting interpreting, etc.

    We are also familiar with your language

    Did you know that there are about 7,000 languages in the world and that the Bible is available in 2454 languages? Our Company Essex Translations alone offers its interpreting services in more than 265 languages, therefore we believe that here you will find the services also in your language and even in your dialect. Not only the interpreter speaks his or her native language, but is also able to understand all the nuances of the particular culture of the speaker to whom he or she interprets.

    Let us help you to get over the language barrier you have encountered: choose Essex Translations, the company which offers you the quality, reliability and satisfaction with our services.

    Call us on 0124 520 6578 or click on Get a free quote if you have come up with any other questions you have not got an answer to, or if you need a quote to book an interpreter.